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HO Mini OTDR TM292


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Standard Function OTDR,

Event Map,



Laser Source,

Loss Test,RJ45 Sequence, Light

Optional Function RJ45 Tracker


Standard Function OTDR,Event Map, OPM, VFL, Laser Source, Loss Test,RJ45 Sequence, Light
Optional Function RJ45 Tracker


1. Two wavelength 1310/1550nm or single wavelength 1310/1550/1610/1625nm
2. Measurement distance: 80km
3. Capacitive touching screen, clear, sensitive touch and quick response, can operate by both key and touching screen.
4. Test record is saved as SOR format.
5. Standard function: OTDR, Event Map, Optical Power Meter , Optical Light Source, VFL, Optical Loss Test,  RJ45 Sequence,Flash Light
Optional function: RJ45 Tracker
6. Keyboard input, can edit and save file name and line number.
7. Support user upgrading.
8. With USB and TF card data interface, easy to export curve data.
9. Fast startup, only 2 seconds to test
Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550nm 1310nm 1550nm 1610nm 1625nm 1650nm
Dynamic Range(dB) 24/22dB 24dB 22dB 22dB 22dB 22dB
Type of Fiber 9/125um SM
Type of Connectors FC/PC/; SC/PC (FC/APC SC/APC–Optional)
Peak Value of laser >=30mW
Unit Meter/ inch/ mile
Dead Zone of Reflection 2m
Dead Zone of attenuation Event 12m
Accuracy Distance
(Reflection Event)
About ±(1m+2 *10(-4)* distance)
Storage of records >100,000 groups
Visual Fault locator(VFL)
Wavelength (nm) 650nm
Output power >=10mW
Mode CW,1Hz,2Hz
Fiber type SM/MM
Optical Power Meter
Measurement range dBm -70~+10 dBm -50~+26 dBm
Wavelength range(nm) 800~1650
Calibrated wavelength 850/980/1270/1300/1310/1490/1550/1577/1625/1650
Detector InGaAs
Accuracy <±3% (-10dBm、22℃)
Resolution Linearity:0.1%,Non-linearity:0.01dBm
Connector 2.5mm Universal interface
Optical Light Source
Emitter FP-LD
wavelength (nm) Same with OTDR Wavelength
Connector FC/PC(SC/ST as optional)
Output power ≥-5dBm
Output stability(dBm) ±0.04@20℃@15min
Modulation CW/270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
Fiber type SM
Optic Loss
Connector FC/ SC
Test Range 0-30dB
Accuracy 10%
LCD 4.3 inch,800*480pixels, IPS Capacitive Touch Screen
Battery Lithium-ion battery, >5000 tests
Temperature Work temperature: -5 ~ 50 ° C, storage temperature: -10 ~ 60 ° C
Humidity 0~85%(Non-condensing)
Dimensions(mm) 185×105×50
Weight(g) 530
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HO Mini OTDR TM292 Smart OTDR
HO Mini OTDR TM292
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